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MWLL-OpenBeta-Full-0.8.х (Community Edition)

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Внезапно всплывшая версия казалось бы остановившейся игры.


Almost a decade ago, a talented team started working on what was to become the favorite game for many of us. Version 0.7.1, released in 2013, was to be the final version of MechWarrior: Living Legends by Wandering Samurai Studios.

Our community has stayed loyal and active since then, bringing us amazing events such as Chaos March, Planetary League and Open Merc Night. For this community, we have worked hard towards a new release. Introducing MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.8 - Community Edition!

Using the experience gained from years of public and league gameplay and numerous player requests, we have refined just about everything for a more balanced, player-friendly experience. Of course this also includes a ton of fixed bugs and new shiny!

We are dedicated to finish what Wandering Samurai started, and this is just the beginning. Upcoming patches will focus on bringing in new toys, further refining gameplay and making this game better than ever.

- Will you be a forgotten casualty — or a Living Legend?


Скачиваем по адресу: https://clanjadewolf.net/mwll/

Список изменений:

MWLL Version 0.8 Community Edition

------ KNOWN PROBLEMS ------

- The Repair and Check-for-updates buttons in the launcher are broken
- Pulse lasers occasionally fire a third pulse
- Camo system won't work for these assets:
  All AeroSpace Fighters
  All VTOLs
  Long Tom
- The reticle modes sometimes get messy when you die, and switch back to the 0.7.1 default modes. If that happens, just press F4 and it will go back to normal
- The buy menu is a bit inconsistent and might not show free tons
- Certian HUD elements might overlap other UI elements

------ BUG FIXES ------

    - Ares now shows up as a tank on radar rather than a light mech
    - Solitaire with ammo based weapons should no longer instantly lose its side torso when hit by splash

    - The weapon list does not contain a phantom entry below the last weapon anymore
    - Fixed an issue where the distance to target in the longtom HUD was always 0
    - Random color component bug at 75%, 50% and 25% status is gone
    - Zooming in won't leave parts of the HUD cut off screen anymore

We have 2 reticle modes now accessible by default
- The default one will be the "Coupled Fixed" mode, where arm and torso will always be locked in the center of the screen
- Pressing Left Alt will switch to "Coupled Interactive" mode, an enhanced version of the old "Torso Follow mode"
  In this mode, the torso will start following the reticle as soon as you move it away from the center of the screen

- VTOL and AeroSpace Fighters now have the same controls:
  Pitch up / down : mouse down / up
  Yaw left / right : mouse left /right
  Roll left / right :  A / D keys
- CBill donation confirm has been moved to "enter"
- Cbill donation menu has been moved to "right shift"
- Chain fire switch has been moved to "backspace"
- Weapon group assign has been moved to "right control"
- Left Alt now switches your reticle modes
- Crysis VOIP button has been removed, we don't use it anymore.
- "Show Objectives" keybinding is an actual switch, you don't have to keep it pressed anymore
- Auto Shutdown has been moved to H
- Left mouse button won't fire the selected weapon group anymore, it fires Weapon Group 1 now

------ MISC ------

- The height a mech needs to jump from before it stops after touching down has been increased dramatically. Note that this does not affect jumpjets.
- More than 40 camos available for all the ground assets!
- The meaning of cl_free_reticle_independent has been inverted. 0 (default) locks the reticule to the torso, 1 allows independent arm movement
- g_revivetime may now be freely set by the server. It is still advisable that admins keep it above 15 seconds. especially in TC.
- The cheat protection has been improved and the game loading time should be much better now
- Even better loading times thanks to the recompression of PAK files
  This will also save a lot of drive space
- Clients may now set g_commentator to 0 to disable Duncan Fisher commentary during SA & LMS game modes. sv_leaguemode_commentator has subsequently been removed
- Dead players can now chat to the living and vice-versa. This will be disabled if league mode is enabled

------ MAP UPDATES ------

- lowered the ceiling near the forward factories to prevent LT-ing from base
- modified the forward factories: now they support assets only until 65 tons

- various small modification/fixes (fixed some clipping object, aligned round fuel tanks near airfield, smoothed terrain on north spawnpoint, modified the position of some smaller buildings etc)
- Center base fix: removed the ground factories and most of the turrets. Two turrets, the two repair bays, and VTOL pad remain. Base weight: 0.5
- Northern central cap point: Added two ground factories with the following assets: light/med/heavy mechs, hovers and tanks (no assaults and LT). No repairs here. Base weight: 0.5
- North east and north west cap points: fixed the behaviour of the turrets, new base weight: 1
- South east and west cap points: new base weight: 1.5
- The base values are shown on the minimap

- Map out of bounds timer increased to 30sec
- Main bases are not capturable anymore
- Center cap area fixed (it was much smaller than the others)
- Small adjustments in cap areas overall
- "Glassy" textures improved - you can still see this odd effect on the textures, but it is not so noticeable now.
- Cappable factories can only build assets up to 65tons
- Removed spawn points, factory and repair bays from center cap point - new base weight: 1.5
- Added a second rep bay to the Western base, it has now two, just like the Eastern base. New base weights for both: 0.75
- Fixed floating bridges
- Base weights displayed on minimap
- Fences removed

- Repair bay in the infamous center base is gone. Center mechbay can build only hovers and lights hovers.
- Updated minimap with base weights
- Changed the cooling factor on the map: now it is 100% (default), previously it was 200%.
- Changed the weight of the center base from 1.5 to 0.5 - backcap should be more viable now
- Smoothed the terrain near the first southern cap point, so it is easier to use the mountains there as an alternate route.
- fixed the holes in terrain/rocks near SouthWest base
- further cleared the SW base area, so there is more space to move and climb the hills
- turrets added: AA mgun turrets to SW and NE bases, LLaser to center
- fixed the behaviour of the turrets in cap points
- fixed mechtraps

- Removed LT and Tanks from the forward bases.
- Decreased the base weight of the forward factories - they had twice the weight than the other bases, now every base has the same weight.
- modified the capzone at the forward factories

- Map out of bounds timer increased from 10sec to 25sec
- LLaser turrets replaced with Camera turrets
- There were 2-2 Mlaser turrets at NW and SE direction form the center area - one of the Mlaser turrets are replaced with Camera turrets at each location.
- Extended the playable area near airbases

------ WEAPON CHANGES ------

Pulse Lasers
    - All Standard Pulse lasers shots per burst reduced from 3 to 2 with heat and damage compacted into those 2 shots. (Note: the stray extra pulse is still present and is a complicated issue)
    - Large Pulse laser, Large X Pulse Laser, Clan Large Pulse Laser, range increased to 650, 750, and 850 respectively.
    - Heat on entire large pulse laser class has been decreased, more for LPL and XLPL, less so on CLPL.

    - All PPC class functionally reworked. Instead of a single damage source spread evenly across a 3 meter radius, there are now two separate damage sources.
      First damage source is primary hit location damage (0.5 meter radius) and is 66% of the damage of the shot.
      Secondary damage source is the final 33% of the damage spread over 3 meters including the hit location.
      Full damage of 0.7.1 CERPPC was roughly 2600 damage all told, corrected damage is now about 1550 all told, slightly more than a Gauss shot with a little bonus splash mixed in.
      PPC particle effect now has a refraction trail.

    - SRMs now have a cone of fire effect rather than all firing perfectly straight forward, the cone will adjust to your approximate distance to target (tighter when far away, more spread out when closer up)
    - SRMs are now vulnerable to LAMS.
    - Damage slightly increased.

    - SSRM tracking improved.
    - CSSRM now locks and flies to 450m from 350m.
    - SSRMs are now vulnerable to LAMS.
    - Damage normalized with SRMs.

    - MRM damage increased to match LRM damage per missile on a 1 to 1 ratio.
    - MRM launcher fire rate now tied to launcher size like LRMs are, smaller launchers will fire quicker.
    - MRMs are now vulnerable to LAMS.

    - Clan LRM now fires directly at a shallow angle (0.5m cruise altitude). Minimum arming range is ~25m (matching MRMs). CLRMs are now excellent all around closing weapons but inferior at providing support at range, particularly over cover, as per clan doctrine.
    - Decreased tracking ability on CLRM slightly.
    - Lock on time is now tied to launcher size, smaller launchers will lock quicker.
    - Increased lifetime on ELRMs so that they don't explode prematurely when making course corrections near their max range anymore.

Arrow IV
    - Arrows reworked entirely.
      They are no longer single large damage missiles superior at tracking single targets.
      Each salvo now fires 4 individual smaller missiles that will spread and blanket a small area around their target.
      Arrows now come in at a steeper angle and fly higher to circumvent cover better, this has functionally increased their minimum range from ~300m to ~500m.
      Arrow damage per ton doubled.
      Exposed Arrow launchers (on mechs) will now explode for heavy damage if destroyed.
      Single smaller faster targets will now be able to dodge arrows much easier, tightly packed groups will now take much more damage from arrows as they function more like artillery support now.

    - Fire rate decreased to give lighter assets better chance to dodge them.
    - Slightly increased health vs LAMS.
    - Now identified as ATM (STD)
    - Slightly increased health vs LAMS.
    - Higher fire rate compared to Standard. Now on ground assets.
    - Fastest lock time.
    - Now identified as ATM (ER)
    High Explosive (New)
    - Very slow fire rate but very high damage and large explosion.
    - Very vulnerable to LAMS.
    - 300m lifetime and lockon range.
    - Slowest lock time.
    - Now identified as ATM (HE)
    HE ammo is superior at single target suppression but massed SSRMs will do more damage quicker.

    - Gauss now explode in mechs with more consistency, only the Fafnir torsos are completely immune to explosions.
    - Increased shots per ton from 10 to 12
    Heavy Gauss
    - Decreased reload time to normalize with Gauss.
    - Now Requires bulky siege pod if ever in a mech arm (Thanatos)
    Improved Heavy Gauss
    - Decreased reload time to normalize with Gauss
    - Increased shots per ton to 6 from 5.
    Light Gauss
    - Now explodes when destroyed (smaller explosion and less damage than Gauss explosion).

    - Now fires 3 shots instead of 2, damage per burst remains the same, adjusted shots per ton accordingly.

    - Now fire 2 shots instead of 3, damage per burst remains the same, increased shots per ton slightly.

    - Reworked, again!
      Now fires a shell with same splash radius and 75% of damage of an AC20 shot but fires 1.5x slower than an AC20. This should finally give it the umph required.

    - Reworked, again!
      Tightened up burst from 6 shots to 4 shots.
      Increased damage significantly and slowed down fire rate significantly.
      Removed all inherent spread.
      AC5 now deals high damage but has long refire rate (5 second cooldown) this allows it to function as a long range skirmishing weapon akin to a Large laser.
      UAC5 functions identically but has half the refire rate (2.5 second cooldown).

    - Reworked to match the AC5.
      Damage sits more at an AC2.5 than true AC2.
      Tightened up burst from 8 shots to 6.
      Now excels as long range sniper weapon but makes inferior AA.
      Counts as 3 tons from 3.5 tons in build rules.

    - Reworked to function uniquely from the rest of the UACs.
      Now fires a constant stream of bullets making it superior AA and good at wearing down targets caught in the open.
      Damage close to a UAC3 than true UAC2.
      Good support weapon but requires time to do damage so poor at skirmishing or brawling.
      Damage per ton increased.

    - Unique weapon to the Mauler.
    - Functions identically to AC2 but travels to 1500m+ with less shots per ton.

    - Similar damage profile to AC10, slightly less splash damage.
    - Flies faster than an AC10 shot.
    - Max range ~900m.
    - Fewer shots per ton.

    - Now has unlimited ammo. (INFINITE POWER!)
    - Will now overheat after 12 seconds of continuous fire and need to cooldown.

    - LBX2, 5, 10 spread slightly increased to match LBX20 spread at their max ranges.

    - Reworked, added some splash damage to fix the weird hit detection issues.
    - Can now lock on manually from 750m, flight lifetime at 1000m.
    - Now on select ground assets.
    - The missiles will track, however they are quite lazy following narc and locks so do not expect to hit a fast target with them unless you are very close or very far.

    - Increased Vehicle based TAG range to 1300m.

    - Improved tracking ability and flight pattern of narc missiles.
    - iNARC now last longer

Longtom Artillery overhaul
    - Camera won't pitch up/down anymore, so the predicted impact point will be always visible, no matter how high is the pitch of the cannon
    - There are now three longtom variants, the Prime uses standard ammo, which behaves unchanged from 0.7.1.
    - The A variant now uses short range ammo, which can only fly to ~1200m max and moves slower but creates less heat and chambers faster.
    - The B variant now uses long range ammo, which can now fly to ~2500m max range and moves quicker but creates more heat, chambers slower, and is harder to aim at closer targets.
    - Slightly increased Min/Max pitch angle of cannon by 1 degree.

    - Increased max spread.
    - Normalized spinup time with RAC5.
    - Normalized reload time with RAC5.

    - Slightly decreased spinup time.

Flak AC2
    - New weapon, high good damage vs aircraft but low damage vs ground forces.
    - 1200m range, functions similarly to fast firing LBX for maximum efficiency against aircraft.

Flak AC5
    - New weapon, functionally similar to AC2 but better damage. 900m range.

    - Increased time needed to reach overheat allowing for MOAR BURNINATION.
    - Increased splash damage and area significantly, should allow for increased performance against BA on or near the ground or hiding in cover.
    - Added impact particle.


    - All of em!
    - Infamous Shiva A and Donar A have been replaced

------ ASSET CHANGES ------

    - Armor redistributed from legs towards the rest of the mech on all assault, heavy, medium, and stumpy legged lights (Uller, Puma, Cougar).
    - Armor and internal weights refactored and inconsistencies fixed. This was causing some mechs like the Thanatos, Black lanner, and Blood Asp to be squishier than needed.
    - Fibro Fiborous armor bonus protection honoured where applicable. Many of the lighter mechs were built off the technology and were squisher than needed.
    - Standard Jump jets now have better forward thrust.

    - Overhaul of ASF flight model.
      Top speed of all ASFs has been increased.
      Maneuverability has been tweaked to make flight model less twitchy and smoother.
      Afterburner is way more powerful now, but it also heat up your asset faster
      Maneuverability has been rebalanced. Sparrowhawk isn't the supreme air king anymore, and Shiva feels more like an 85T bomber rather than a 1kg RC plane.
    - Sulla A and D have 350XL instead of the default 315XL engine mounted in the other variants. This makes them more suitable for dogfights against Corsairs and SparrowHawks
    - ASF and VTOLs now have a default active radar range of 1500m and passive radar of 1000m, this applies both to their own radar and what range they can be detected at from the ground.
    - ASF/VTOL can no longer detect BA on their radar without the help of a ground based C3 relaying it to them.
    - GECM on aircraft makes them detectable at 999m from the ground rather than 1500m when active, however they are still detectable by other aircraft out to 1500m. (this is an issue with how GECM behaves in the code)

    - Materials have been updated; Shiva doesn't look like a mirror anymore.

    - Slight tweak of the flight model.
      Changed mass values and moved the center of the mass to make the flight model smoother and less twitchy
      Yaw/pitch/roll speeds are unchanged from 0.7.1

Ryoken (Stormcrow)
    - Fix for physicalized weapons (like Gauss) passing through the "cheeks" of the torso.
    - Hit boxes tweaked so that most of the cockpit canopy is CT instead of being thinly sliced between RT, CT, and LT.
    - Some variants now have LAMS.

    - Adjusted splash damage modifiers and transfer rates to counteract sudden death syndrome.

    - Adjusted splash damage modifiers and transfer rates to counteract sudden death syndrome.

    - Adjusted splash damage modifiers and transfer rates to counteract sudden death syndrome.

    - Prime variant now uses a Fusion engine and is the original variant, substantially decreasing its price, it also has lower side torso transfer rates.

    - Prime variant now uses a Fusion engine and is the original variant, substantially decreasing its price, it also has lower side torso transfer rates.

    - Improved turn rate.

    - Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.
    - Now has 360 torso twist.

    - Armor further distributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

    - Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

    - BAP, C3, and TAG are now fixed to the chassis and will always be present on all variants.

    - MASC and JJs are now fixed to the chassis and will always be present on all variants.

    - Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

    - Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

    - Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

    - LAMS added to the chassis.
    - Huit now has correctly sized Fusion engine based off podspace and speed. This resulted in the loss of 5.5 tons of podspace and nearly half the speed. (The Huit was WAY too fast before, sorry)

    - Now has correct armor and internals.
    - Drastically reduced boost heat buildup.

    - Added LAMS to turret
    - Partisan "F" has Fusion engine to achieve superior speed, its base chassis price is substantially higher.

    - Increased max pitch value to 65 degrees. The Oro was originally an AA tank for the clans in CBT, this should help it with that.

    - Increased turn rate.

------ GAME FLOW CHANGES ------

    - Counted armor into base chassis price rather than as independent value to avoid weird prices.
    - There are now 8 C-bill modifiers instead of 4, instead of a 20% +/- modifier to cbills earned it is now 10%.
      The tiers are as follows:
    Harasser=1, Hephaestus=1, Hawkmoth=1, SparrowHawk=1, Apc=1, Osiris=1, Solitaire=1,
    Chevalier=2, Donar=2, Raven=2, Owens=2, Uller=2, Chimera=2, Ares=2
    Puma=3, Cougar=3, Partisan=3, Corsair=3, Sulla=3, HollanderII=3, Uziel=3,
    Blacklanner=4, Bushwacker=4, Shadowcat=4, Epona=4, Rifleman=4, Catapult=4, Oro=4, BA=4
    Ryoken=5, Thor=5, Loki=5, Vulture=5, Warhammer=5, Thanatos=5, Visigoth=5 ,Avatar=5,
    Madcat=6, Novacat=6, Demolisher=6, Awesome=6, Shiva=6, Mauler=6, Huitzilopochtli=6,
    Masakari=7, Morrigu=7, Atlas=7, MadcatMKII=7,
    LongTom=8, Fafnir=8, Daishi=8, Bloodasp=8

    - Increased BA death ticket cost from 1 to 2.
    - Revamped equipment and chassis costs, whereas before it was around 20% chassis and 80% equipment it is now closer to 50/50.
    - Restructured rank money to provide new assets in a smoother and more logical manner.
    - Increased rank requirements across the board to prevent ranks being skipped entirely.
    - Moved the Rifleman, Catapult, Loki, and Vulture to medium mech build bays, anywhere you can build mediums you can now build these.
    - Moved the Chevalier, Ares, and APC to hovercraft build bays, anywhere you can build hovercraft you can now build these.

------ HUD CHANGES ------

    - Night vision is an actual night vision now. It's green, and amplifies light way better than before.
    - Paperdolls V2: the internal and the armor paperdolls have been merged in a single big paperdoll
      The big external one shows the armor status of each component
      The internal one is a bit smaller, and it shows internal status of each component (internal system is currently implemented only for mech legs)
    - Health bars have been merged as well, in the same way as the paperdolls.
    - Consistent L / R component inversion of damage readuts: always inverted for targets, always uninverted for self damage readout
    - Crosshairs are actual crosses now, no more weird symbols around
    - Remove some other useless weird symbols and useless lines around the HUDs
    - Moved heading and pitch indicator on the top of the aiming reticles
    - Weapons naming in asset HUDs have been changed in order to achieve better readability (Dual Streak SRM-6 instead of DSSRM6, LB 10-X AC instead of LBX10 etc..)
    - "HEAT LEVEL CRITICAL" message has been moved above the aiming reticle for better readability
    - "HEAT LEVEL CRITICAL" message now will appear as soon as the heat gauge goes over the yellow line, not the red one
    - Damage readouts of the components in tank HUDs have appropriate colors (green at 100% and yellow at about 70%, as in the mech HUD)

    - Battle Armor pilots, now you finally can enjoy having a compass!
    - Improved visibility for BA SRM2 reloading status

Misc HUD
    - There is no "Clan" writing for Clan weapons anymore because it's obvious. We do not allow mixtech, so if you are in a Clan asset, you are using Clan weapons.
    - Buy Menu HUD is showing tonnage, weight class and tech for each asset now
    - Loadout menu shows available camos by categories now


Торрент (MWLL + Crysis Wars)

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Вот, держи:

Скрытый текст

Pochti desyat' let nazad, talantlivaya komanda nachala rabotat' na tom, chto dolzhno bylo stat' lyubimoy igroy dlya mnogikh iz nas. Versiya 0.7.1, vypushchennyy v 2013 godu, dolzhen byl byt' okonchatel'nyy variant MechWarrior: Living Legends stranstvuyushchimi Samurai Studios.

Nashe soobshchestvo ostalis' verny i aktivnym s tekh por, v rezul'tate chego nam udivitel'nyye sobytiya, takiye kak khaos marta Planetarnogo ligi i Otkrytogo Merc noch'. Dlya etogo soobshchestva, my napryazhenno rabotali v napravlenii novogo vypuska. Predstavlyayem MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.8 - Community Edition!

Ispol'zuya opyt, nakoplennyy za gody obshchestvennoy i ligi igry i mnogochislennym pros'bam igrokov, my usovershenstvovali pochti vse dlya boleye sbalansirovannogo, igrokom druzhestvennyy opyt. Konechno, eto takzhe vklyuchayet v sebya tonny ispravlennykh oshibok i novoy blestyashchey!

My stremimsya, chtoby zakonchit' to, chto nachal Stranstvuyushchiy samuray, i eto tol'ko nachalo. Predstoyashchiye patchi budut sosredotocheny na privlecheniye novykh igrushek, dal'neyshego


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26 минут назад, Omi сказал:

Установщик сам предложит снести старую версию

Ненавижу умные установщики., А что он еще удалит? Я привык чтобы все было под контролем. Качаю архив с мвлл. 

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Гм. Разве что вычислить по IP и нанять мордоворотов сломать руки и ноги разработчикам. влепить иск о нарушении прав интеллектуальной собственности, повесив миллиарды недополученной прибыли на них.

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14 minutes ago, Melos said:

а он до кучи карты не снесёт? не хотелось бы ещё год потом их качать?


Кстати, да, такой же вопрос - у меня 22 Гб карт, не хотелось бы все заново качать.  

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3 hours ago, Vivicector said:

влепить иск о нарушении прав интеллектуальной собственности, повесив миллиарды недополученной прибыли на них.

Это если речь идет о коммерческом использовании, а его как-бы доказать еще надо.

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1 час назад, Melos сказал:

а он до кучи карты не снесёт? не хотелось бы ещёгод потом их качать?


Именно поэтому я скачал только архив с модом, просто переименовал старую папку из MWLL в MWLL 0.7.1, и распаковал из архива на это место новую MWLL, все заработало сразу. Потом переместил карты из старой версии, вот только стандартные не забудьте из старой папки удалить, там изменения на стандартных картах есть, так что их старые версии не надо переносить.

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Красава, Суди! Даже у нас не запостил. У РДЛ на форуме запостил а у нас нет! :very_cool:


Боже какие же у тебя тараканы в голове, ппц. "Родной юнит, дружная семья" и все такое. 

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