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Hello to ELH,

i got a problem with a map from KillThemALL´s Shared Files. I dont know where to post my problem elswhere because this is an unofficially map and i dont know the creator. Maybe u know him and you can force this.

Map: TSA_Desolation

Problem: Each surface reflects the sunlight is bright as white, doing the play is impossible because i cant see anything like a white wall with dark shadows in background.

When the map came out I did not had this problem. I tried to alter all options in game and at my catalyst-control-center but i had no success. The drivers are "up to date".

My System:

CPU:Intel Core2 Quad Q6600; Graphikcard:ATI 6870; Motherboard:MSI 7360

with regards

Der Templer

p.s. Some Members of the =9th= with older ATI-Cards do have this problem: At where my system shows a bright white wall do they have white flashes. Banana thinked that it must be a prob with the shaders or vsync because nividia and ati work a litte different.

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Thx for the tips... tryed it all out or did it basicly anyway. No changes

Basicly i play on direct9 and i did most of the options to very high.


Google translation does not make real sense when translate russian into german.

As much as I red out you do not know how you can get the map maker. Is not so bad, then I sit out on the map.

with regards

Der Templer

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I found out the source of the problem: CCC-Warhead Configswitcher he stood at lowest (i dont know why, i never changed him to this) i put him back to middle and all works great.

Thanks again for trying to help me. :JC_you_rock: //// Damn little bastard program... :JC_voodoo:

with regards

Der Templer

Edited by =9th= Der Templer
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