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  1. >S> ELH, hey AIMB, we talked about Sunday 13th, to train for MRBC. But it can happen that the german soccer team gets into the final, then the most of us will watch the game. Can u tell me some alternative dates for the next week? Mo-Do 14.-17.07. Start 19.00 GMT will work for us.
  2. >S> Gents, same thing as last time, maybe we can have a trainings evening . Possible date will be Friday 27.09.2103. Can it happen? Let us know. Take care all
  3. >S> Aimb & ELH, we try to get 12 players for the 17.09 - i let u know when it will work. Any suggestion about drop tonnage?
  4. >S> ELH, we wanna make a trainigs evening wiht u guys. Possible date can be 16.09.2013 or 20.09.2013 / 18.00pm GMT. Take care all.
  5. Salute ELH, hey AIMB, i wanna ask u guys for some trainings events. We got a challenge this days and so we need to practice. Maybe you are interested. If yes let us know. Training: MWO - 8vs8 - 550t - with basecapture Date: this weekend + Wednesday 06.01.2013 + weekend 8/9.01.2013 Take care all.
  6. >S> Nivix, sounds good, i will check the board here for your ok.
  7. Hey Nivix, at the moment we wanna have a training in the MWO, most of our new members dont have MWLL. The time can be 19.00 - 20.00 GMT, maybe on Friday or Saturday this week.
  8. >S> ELH, i wish u all a happy new year and merry christmas. So, why i am here, we are looking for a trainings session (for 2 or 3 hours), in the best case with the ELH When you are interested in such an trainings evening let us know. Take care all
  9. >S> AIMB, >S> ELH Warriors,>S> Friends, a bit late i know, but for saturday i can get 4-6 players online. If some of you want to have some fundrops give a sign to us Starting time can be 16:00 GMT or later. Take care all
  10. >S> guys, sorry all, Psyless made an mistake - our date tomorrow dont work - the german soccer team plays the halffinal tomorrow, so the most of 9th will watch TV at thursday. Maybe we can find a new date the next days, maybe at the weekend. I check out the 9th forit and let you know what is possible. Take care all.
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