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>S> 9th! Hey Yezibaba!

I guess we can't play at Saturday, 18.02.2012. But we could to play Friday , 17.02.2012, 18.00-18.30 GMT.

Sorry, guys. If you can and want to play at friday it will great!

Good luck you!

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>S> ELH,

the next days we are looking for some dates to have a 5vs5 training. Maybe you guys are interested?

Or we can play spontaneously the next days. Our first fight in the 5vs5 tournament will be on the 10.03.12. So we

have time to check out how our dropdecks work. Would be nice if we could inspire you to.

Let us know when u have time.

Take care all

=9th= Yezibaba

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>S> ELH - hey AIMB, :tr_respe:

thanks for posting and asking about a fightdate on our board.

Many players are realy busy at the moment. But 6 or 7 players can play next week.

Maybe we can fight one or two days from monday to thursday - not friday or weekend.

Let me or Psyless know when it will work for u. Date and time please ;).

Take care all.

=9th= Yezibaba

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>S> 9th!

When u have time at thursday 21.06.2012, 17.30 GMT, we can have some fundrops .

We bring 6 - 8 player online.

Well, we can play at this time, but without AIMB.

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>S> guys,

sorry all, Psyless made an mistake - our date tomorrow dont work - the german soccer team plays the halffinal tomorrow,

so the most of 9th will watch TV at thursday. Maybe we can find a new date the next days, maybe at the weekend. I check out the 9th forit and let you know what is possible.

Take care all.

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