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Ghost Bear 304th Assault Cluster Trial

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Hey, GB!

Glad to see you here!

ELH ready to play on Saturday Jan 28th 2012 at 19:00 GMT.

btw, which server will we use?

And what about maps and cbills per player? I suggest to play minimum 5 maps. ELH would to play TC_2Delta(with ToS rules, not TC), TC_Seaport, TC_Flatlands, TSA_CanyonPro, TSA_IceArena, TC_Phlegeton, TC_Desolation, TSA_SavannaPro, TSA_Outpost, TSA_Altay.

Are BA's, tanks, aero allow?

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In order not to waste time for downloading, it would be nice if Ghost bears and ELH have downloaded all the maps preliminary:

TC_2Delta - http://www.mwllmaps.com/maps/TC/TC_2Delta.zip

TC_Seaport - http://mwllmaps.com/maps/TC/TC_SeaportV01.zip

TC_Flatlands - http://www.mwllmaps.com/maps/TC/TC_Flatlands.zip

TSA_IceArena - http://www.mwllmaps.com/maps/TSA/TSA_IceArena.zip

TSA_CanyonPro - http://www.mwllmaps.com/maps/TSA/TSA_CanyonPro.zip

TC_Phlegeton - http://mwllmaps.com/maps/TC/TC_PhlegetonV02.zip

TC_Desolation - http://www.mediafire.com/?t446nl93ugibgh1

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Ow... Pingy one.

But, seems it only one way to make ping fair for both sides - set up server on ship in a middle of Atlantic.

So, first we try, don't think today ping is a big deal.

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