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Что мы знаем о Токкайдо (Tukayyid)?

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Тема начата тут : http://www.sldf.1gb.ru/index.php?showtopic=1497 . Теперь аналогично поднимаю вопрос по Токкайдо. Планет до боли известная, и информации должно быть масса (даже карты и видео!)

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Источник: IS Atlas ( http://isatlas.teamspam.net/planet-detail.php?planet=8852994 )

System Name: Tukayyid

Coordinates: -4.69, 212.55

Time to Jump Point: 7.00 days


First settled in the twenty-seventh century, Tukayyid is a relatively mild and somewhat arid planet. It is primarily an agricultural world, never deemed important enough to merit being garrisoned by a BattleMech regiment, with most of the landmasses comprised of grassy plains controlled by agrocombines. During the era of Kurita rule, several minority religions came to this world and set up monastic communities in the mountains, and in one case under the Crucible Sea. As a result the population of the world is relatively small, the government decentralized, with each corporation running its holdings like a fiefdom, except where the theocracies have carved out their little domains.

Until 3052, this backwater world was known only for its high-quality grain and spectacular scenery. Then the Clans and ComStar agreed to fight a proxy battle on Tukayyid to determine control of Terra, vaulting the sleepy planet into the pages of history.

In April of that year, fleets of merchantmen chartered by ComStar came to evacuate the world's population. In May, the largest battle in recorded history took place as over 10,000 Com Guards and Clan 'Mechs met on various fields of battle. After 21 days of fighting, an exhausted ComStar force stood victorious, having won a fifteen-year truce with the Clans.

Native farmers returned to find their lands devastated, littered with the debris of war. Over the past decade, however, the Free Rasalhague Republic and ComStar have made impressive strides in restoring the world.

[-- Далее см. http://isatlas.teamspam.net/planet-detail.php?planet=8852994 --]

P.S. Странно, что мало начальной инфы по типу звезды и планеты...

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Tukayyid is a relatively mild and somewhat arid agricultural world. Most of its land masses are grassy plains controlled by agrocombines. Its rich fields are intricately patterned with varying crops and dense orchards of fruit trees. The mountainsides are covered by wild berries. The average ground temperature is a pleasant 38 degrees Celsius. Rich fields, gentle breezes and grain-scented air make this world ideal for farming.

Several minority religions have set up monastic communities in the mountains and in one domed city under the Crucible Sea, though Christianity remains the dominant religion in the corporate regions, with Christmas continuing to be a widely celebrated holiday. The population is small and the government is decentralized. Each agrocorp runs its holdings like a fiefdom except where the theocracies have carved out domains. The weather is superior most of the time.

Major cities on Tukayyid include Spanac, Luk, Joje, Tost, Losije, Hladno Springs, Humptulips, Brzo, Valnya and Skupo. Primary mountain ranges are the Pozoristu, Cokoladu, Tamo and Dinju. The Przeno Plain, Kozice Valley, and Ridgik Desert are other points of geographic interest. Geothermal activity, in the form of erupting geyser fields, bottomless pits of boiling mud, steaming sinkholes, hissing geysers and fiery mud makes the Devil's Bath region extremely hazardous. The Racice River Delta is a kilometers-long stretch of swamp and bog, where dense trees fill the marshes. Deep pools and patches of bog sand can suck in unwary travelers. The Prenzo Plain is covered with strange, thorny grasses, and drops off abruptly near the Ryan's Crossing bridge over the Prenzo River.

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