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Что мы знаем о Диероне (Dieron)?

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Тут пообщался с штабом ЭЛК, решили немного встряхнуть всех. Есть масса интересных идей по "реанимированию" нашего БТ :)

Для начала, маленькое ТЗ для всех желающих. Вы этом топике прошу выкладывать любую инфу, касаемую известной всем планеты (и системы) Диерон - Dieron.

Зачем? Будущее покажет :)

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Официальная информация с Inner Sphere Atlas ( Dieron | Planets/Systems | Inner Sphere Atlas ):

System Name: Dieron

Coordinates: 13.04, 15.39

Star Type: G3V

Position in System: 4

Time to Jump Point: 3.00 days

Recharging Station: Zenith, Nadir

ComStar Facility Class: A

Population: 5,284,000,000

Percentage and Level of Native Life: 35% Amphibian


Settled during the original Exodus of the 22nd century, Dieron was one of the most highly developed worlds, both culturally and industrially, during the Star League. It was an administrative center for the BSLA and capital of the Draconis Combine Military Region. In this function, it was also the headquarters for the Fourteenth Army and a major electronics center for the Regular Army. Though the planet survived the coup by Stefan Amaris intact, it was severely damaged by General Kerensky's campaign to liberate the Hegemony. The Regular Army stripped away the few remaining buildings before leaving the Inner Sphere.

Since the collapse of the Star League, Dieron has been the capital of the Dieron Military District in the Draconis Combine. Legend has it that Minoru Kurita chose Dieron to be a provincial capital out of arrogance; he liked the idea of boasting of having one of the crowing glories of the Star League so prominent a part of his own realm.

Dieron is a cramped world because of its many large mountain ranges. What space is available exists in countless small valleys, and earthquakes are a frequent problem. With so little to recommend the planet, it is amazing that over five billion people live here.

The standard of living on Dieron is surprisingly low for a major industrial world, because Takashi Kurita's policy of restricting travel within the Combine prevents the Dieronese from seeing how much of their productivity is taken from them and how little is imported in return. The cramped cities stuck between towering mountains make the planet a hotbed of resistance to Kurita rule, perhaps, the most discontented Kurita world outside the Rasalhague Military District.

To squash budding rebellions, the ISF plays on the Dieron people's obsession with the Star League. An ISF agent will spread rumors of a Star League cache, causing thousands to flood into the mountains prospecting for artifacts, thus defusing any tensions that had existed before.

[-- Далее инфа по инфраструктуре и политической обставке в виде таблиц и ссылок --]

[-- см. Dieron | Planets/Systems | Inner Sphere Atlas --]

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Once a major administrative center, electronics producer, and site of orbital shipyards for the Star League, Dieron survived Amaris' coup intact, only to be ravaged by returning SLDF troops in the war to liberate the Hegemony. The Castles Brian in the planet's numerous mountain ranges were obliterated by naval bombardments during the effort, but their memory remained strong in the minds of many Dieronese, who clung to that memory of their world's former glory.

Their cities, cramped in the valleys formed by the steep, crisscrossing mountain ranges, often became hotbeds for resistance against the Combine's rule after House Kurita seized the planet following the fall of the League. The Combine leadership often used rumors of a Star League cache found in the mountains to keep the locals distracted, sending many of the population into the treacherous highlands, braving the elements and chronic earthquakes, in the hope of uncovering a relic of their past. The eastern reaches of the Scales of the Dragonet mountain range is the site of a secure fallback point for the Dieron militia.

Dieron is a cramped world because of its many large mountain ranges. What space is available exists in countless small valleys, and earthquakes are a frequent problem. With so little to recommend the planet, it is amazing that over five billion people live here.

The planetary capital city, Tahlwynn, is located on Mataeo, in the Loretta-Argus mountain basin, and also serves as the planet's primary spaceport. Other cities include Aldinga and Newbury, both located in the Yomichi Valley. Iznakki supports a military-grade spaceport. The Peace Park in Newbury commemorates the end of fighting between the Dieron Federation and the Terran Hegemony, and Dieron's entrance into the Hegemony. Dieron is a major port of transit for traders entering the Draconis Combine from the Free Worlds League.

The warlord of the Dieron Military District commands from Dragon's Roost, a fortress high in the Tatsuyama mountains, protected by batteries of Star League-era weaponry. Tatsuyama City lies in the valley at the base of the mountains, and helicopters are used to transport supplies and personnel to and from the fortress. The city supports a small DropPort.

From the top of Dragon's Roost, the buildings of Newbury are just visible on the horizon. A picturesque town, Newbury is centered around a Peace Park of trees, manicured lawns and cultured gardens, where elderly gentlemen come each morning to play chess.

Dieron hosts a yearly "naked blade" tournament. This blood sport is exclusively for professionals, and participation is by invitation only.

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Spectral class G3V

Equatorial Temperature: 27° C (Temperate)

Moons 2 (Bemer, Nebulos)



A large and thriving planet during the first Star League, Dieron was a major administrative center for the Star League Army. With several factories and facilities dedicated to building billions of tons of electronics for the Terran Hegemony and its forces it was a ripe jewel to be picked when the Star League collapsed and the Combine quickly seized the planet. They discovered, however, that the world had suff ered severely during and after the war to remove Stefan Amaris from power; the Star League Army had effectively stripped the planet of nearly everything of worth. Nonetheless, the Combine quickly utilized the shells of Dieron’s deep mountain factories and forges and slowly built the world into a thriving industrial powerhouse.

While considered a cramped world by many due to the limited space available in the narrow valleys between the planet’s huge mountain ranges, the prestige of being a military district capital more than made up for the harsh conditions. Even with constant low-level earthquakes, cramped living space, and occasional political dissent, the

Dieronese are a content people, not much caring whose flag is flying over their world as long as their masters take care of them. The citizenry is quite protective of their world; even after centuries under Kurita rule, many locals still refer to locations and cities by their original colonial names, often ignoring the officially-sanctioned Kuritan ones. The practice causes confusion to visiting dignitaries and endless amusement to the locals.

Mataeo is the largest continent, covering nearly 40% of the planet’s surface. The smaller, southern land mass Voltenna is more of a large island in the planet’s lone ocean.

Predominately a mountainous world, Dieron is rich in natural minerals and ores. Several deep mine networks dot the bulk of the Scales of the Dragonet, the longest mountain chain on the planet. It stretches from the small northern polar continent of Wennisaka deep into the southern equatorial region of Mataeo. Nestled in the long, shallow Sükhbaatar Valley was the capital, San Martín. Once a crawling metropolis that straddled the cliffs on both sides of the Kazakh river the city has suffered the most from the recent fighting that liberated the system; several landslides dropped nearly a quarter of the southern portion of the capital to the valley floor. A temporary capital has been established in the smaller city of Tahlwynn at the heart of the Loretta-Argus mountain basin.

Fortress Dieron, a massive Star League fortress that occupies most of Mount Shanyu’s summit, is the new center of Dieron’s military power after the destruction of the Dragon’s Roost on nearby Tatsuyama Mountain. The Roost, more of a glamorized Star League bunker complex that housed the Dieron District’s lavish headquarters and governor’s palace, was vaporized from orbit in the initial Blakist invasion.

Until the recent occupation only a portion of Fortress Dieron was being utilized. Most of it had been closed since the Star League Army had abandoned the Inner Sphere.

Part of the massive complex was designated Fort Winston by the Eridani Light Horse garrison, a name that did not stick with the locals. When the Blakists took over, they unlocked the upper portions of the facility and upgraded previously-unknown defenses. Fortress Dieron remains fully operational despite the massive damage it sustained during Dieron’s liberation; its secrets are still being catalogued by the ISF and O5P and are closed to anyone without Black Secret access.

The continent-spanning Atacama Desert girdles much of Dieron’s equator. The gray volcanic sand hides numerous chasms and sinkholes, many of which are old Star League

exploratory mines. A series of large lakes crisscrosses a large portion of the Atacama, connected to each other by the fast-flowing Khoomei River — so named from the constant low rumble of the river as it runs from the top of the Chiloe mountain range to the Tibet Ocean, an elevation change of 12,587 meters. Most of Dieron’s cultural and administrative centers reside in the valleys and ridges along the Khoomei, including the Iznakki Interplanetary Spaceport and nearby Deber City, one of the five failed “modular cities” program conceived by Coordinator Hugai Kurita.

Соус: Jihad Turning Points - Dieron

В итоге, что мы имеем?

Основные данные можно глянуть на Сарне.

Звезда солнечного типа, а значит, светит жёлтым. Две луны.

Рельеф - горы, горы, горы с вкраплениями тесных равнинок. Суша занимает 54% Высшая точка на планете, принадлежащая горному массиву Чило/Кило/Хило (Chiloe), составляет 12.587 м [Если правильно понял - прим. перев.]. Землетрясения на планете - отнюдь не редкость, то же можно сказать и про месторождения ископаемых ресурсов и минералов. Практически во всю ширину континента Матэо (Mataeo) простирается пустыня Атакама (Atacama desert), чьи серые пески вулканического происхождения скрывают исследовательские рудники ещё со Звёздной Лиги. Большинство культурно-административных центров располагается на равнинных территориях вдоль рек.

Население до сих пор помнит времена былого индустриального величия своего родного мира, когда Кастлы Брайаны возвышались на скальных вершинах, а орбитальные кузни ковали космические суда, и потому частенько проявляет акты недовольства перед своими Синдикатовскими правителями, начиная от простых беспорядков до практики названия городов и местностей по их старинным, колониальным именам, даже несмотря на уже многовековое пребывание под присмотром Дракона. У местных жителей также присутствует неуёмная страсть ко всему Звёздно-Лиговскому, чем успешно пользуется Куритянское руководство, периодически распространяя слухи о якобы запрятанных в скальных глубинах кладах, с целью отвлечения внимания возбуждённого населения.

На Диероне имеются три космопорта (отмечены на карте полым контуром пятиугольника), плюс небольшой космодром на территории города, неподалёку от горной крепости-бункера Драконий Насест (Dragon's Roost), в которой восседает губернатор планеты - все четыре расположены на основном материке.

Форт Уинстон (Fort Winston) - это лишь часть колоссального оборонного комплекса Крепости Диерон (Fortress Dieron), расположенной целиком на горе Шанью (Shanyu) и занимающей 2/3 от её площади (нет данных о высоте над уровнем моря) на экваториальной широте (t = 27 С) главного континента. Из-за древних протоколов защиты, активированных в День Исхода Керенского, Крепость Диерон используется и функционирует не больше, чем на 20% от полной мощности, но этого было более, чем достаточно для местных вооружённых сил.

(Восхождение Блейкистов на гору и последствующий захват комплекса изменил всю расстановку сил - Силы Блейка смогли преодолеть барьерные механизмы, получив назад таким образом 90% оборонных мощностей, и превратили Крепость в практически неприступный бастион).

Гора окружена двумя равнинами, одна из которых граничит с океаном. Внутри равнин находится по озеру, а в них впадают реки, берущие свой исток с горных пиков.

Ближние к Форту населённые пункты - Сан-Мартин (San Martin), Альдинга (Aldinga), Ньюбери. Сан-Мартин и Альдинга - крупные городские центры с общим населением более 100 млн. жителей, Ньюбери - меньше 1 млн. чел. Столица планеты, Сан Мартин, расположенный в длинной и узкой долине Сухбаатар (Sükhbaatar Valley) к северу от Форта, с восточной стороны упирается в горное подножье, а к западу от него лежит лесной массив, соседствующий с подгорным озером.

[Внимание - в ходе десятилетней (3068-3078) осады Диерона в период Джихада целые кварталы Сан-Мартин были погребены под горной породой из-за массивных оползней, в результате чего столица была временно перенесена в Тальвинн (Tahlwynn) на востоке материка. - прим. перев.]

Город Альдинга стоит в долине Йомучи (Yomuchi Valley) на востоке от горы Шанью, а Ньюбери - на южных участках долины, вблизи горной цепи под названием Чешуя Дракона (Scales of Dragonet).

[Возможно, с высоты форта открывается широкий обзор даже вплоть до других крепостей, судя по отрывку из поста Дофина, в котором написано, что с Драконьего Насеста наблюдается город Ньюбери (Newbury), что представляется удивительным - от перев.]

В дальнейшем дополню этот текст, оформлю Джихадовские вставки под спойлер, и статья будет отправлена в Глоссарий. Чем не руководство по созданию полноценно аутентичной карты для Диерона?..

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