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MWLL ThreeV3 Tournament 15 March 21:00 UTC 16 March 19:00 UTC

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Hello ELH,

I am running a new ThreeV3 tournament this coming weekend. It is the same format as the last one.



Friday March 15 November 21:00 UTC
Saturday March 16 19:00 UTC
Game Servers: Chaos Server Network
Coordination via Teamspeak Voice Server mwll.mwmaster.com

Signup Here:

Come have fun with your friends and units in a fast paced team event.
A single elimination bracket with 4-8 teams. Friday is practice night with select bracket matches.

Defeat your randomly seed enemy team in a best 3 out of 5 battles on TSA Glory, Helsgate, Vista, Jungle, and ForestValley. Matches will last up to 15 minutes. Matches will take place simultaneously to speed things along. The event is being kept small to focus on speed and quality.

A simple tonnage limit applies for all matches. Select battles will feature Clan vs Clan tech and IS vs IS tech. Referees will govern matches with standard accepted “Chaos” league rules.

Voice communications are required for organization. Microphones are optional. Teams may use other communications servers after receiving referee instructions.

Teams will have up to 5 minutes preparation between fights. Eliminated teams can battle other teams to try for the third place championship. A full 8 team bracket will take about 3 hours to complete.

Drop calculators will be available on request.

Pilots and teams can sign up in the spreadsheet. Single pilots looking for teams can sign up as mercenaries. Teams are asked to report early to help get organized.

Like the idea but find teamwork over rated? Want all the glory for yourself? Stay tuned for Solo Solaris … details soon…

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