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  1. Greetings ELH, I am running a 3 player team tournament on July 28. I am hosting an early session at 16:00 UTC on 27 Saturday July. The main session starts at 18:00 UTC. There is also a practice round on 26 July Friday. Consider bringing a team. Good luck with all your activities. -duelist Sign Up Google Spreadsheet https://forum.mechlivinglegends.net/d/156-threev3-early-access-wip-dates-friday-26-saturday-july-27 Different/more maps, changes to the limiters, more "pure" tech, familiar but different overall. More details coming but figured a sneak peak was in order. Championship Rain Dates: 28 July 3 Aug Friday July 27 July 23:00 UTC Saturday July 28 19:00 UTC Morning Session 16:00 UTC Main, Afternoon Session 18:00 UTC Championship 22:00 UTC) Sign Up Sheet Link <<< Game Servers: Chaos Server Network Voice teamspeak mwll.mekmaster.com Come have fun with your friends and units in a fast paced solaris team event. A double elimination bracket with 4, 6, or 8 teams. Come by Friday for matches for teams that cannot play Saturday. There will also be a push to populate the public servers as well. Pilots that cannot make our normal weekend events can take battle. The main event is on Saturday. Teams are to report in a bit early to help get organized. Pilots can sign up early if desired to help planning. Sign up as a full 3 player team or as a team captain. You can also just show up and ask to be assembled into a team with spots open. Defeat your randomly seated enemy team in a best 3 of 5 match on TSA Glory, Helsgate, and Jungle. The expanded map rotation now includes TSA Alshain Badlands, Carbon, Forsaken, IceArena, and KoTH. The bracket will feature an active livestream with commentary and a third place match. Voice comms are required for organization on teamspeak. Teams are free to use their own comms server once instructions for the match have been assigned. Each campaign will feature Clan vs Clan tech and IS vs IS tech only. This will be in addition to a simple tonnage limit for most matches. New this tournament is a cbill limit for each pilot on select maps. BV will not be in effect. Drop calcs will be available but not required. Matches will take place simultaneously to speed things along. Each server will have an event representative to ensure timely proceedings and that rules are followed. Standard accepted “Chaos” league rules will govern in game matches. All ground assets will be available once per team battle. So sure use that long tom, but you only get it once each round. Matches will last 15 minutes with a target of 5 minutes or less down time for preparation. A team that is eliminated continues battle for a chance at the third place matchup. A full 8 teams on 2-4 servers should wrap up in around 5 hours or so. The Championship round has a rain date of 28 July or 3 August should time run over. Please use the online spreadsheet to sign up as a team or an individual looking for placement. Registration on the day of the event is also fine but please arrive early if possible. The event is being kept small in scope to focus on speed and quality. Captains for mercenary teams. Full teams for declared units. Best 3 of 5. Puretech on some maps. Friday slot for teams that cannot make Saturday. Simultaneous matches to save time if possible. Limited drop calc and restrictions. Third place match and championship match. Purposely small tournament to concentrate on speed and quality. Teamspeak or discord voice comms required to speak to event organizers. Seeding either random or who can make what time. Good opportunity to battle other units without major commitment. Multiple persons in charge to spread workload and minimize mistakes. More details coming soon. Maps Standard SA Conversions and Select TSA Glory, Helsgate, Jungle Alshain, Badlands, Carbon, Forsaken, IceArena Event broadcast live with commentary team Standard “Chaos” rules apply Sign up via online spreadsheet Bracket size depends on field of teams Round 1 TSA Jungle Mixed Tech 160 Tons TsA IceArena IS Tech 255 Tons TSA DustbowlArena 59K 74K 90K TSA Badlands IS Tech 45k 50k 55k TSA Carbon Clan Tech 210 Tons Round 2 TSA Helsgate IS Tech 210 Tons TSA Glory Clan Tech 160 Tons TSA Koth (TSA Forsaken backup) 82K 113K 49K TSA SolarisA IS Tech 255 Tons TSA Alshain Mixed Tech 45K 50K 55K Championship TSA IceArena 128K 98K 54K TSA Glory IS Tech 105 Tons TSA Badlands IS Tech 255 Tons TSA Helsgate Mixed Tech 160 Tons TSA Jungle Clan Tech 210 Tons Third Place TSA Badlands Clan Tech 45K 50K 55K TSA Alshain Clan Tech 210 Tons TSA Jungle Mixed Tech 82K 98K 105K TSA Forsaken Mixed Tech 160 Tons TSA SolarisA IS Tech 255 Tons
  2. Hello ELH, I am running a new ThreeV3 tournament this coming weekend. It is the same format as the last one. -duelist https://forum.mechlivinglegends.net/d/151-threev3-2019-tournament-15-16-march Friday March 15 November 21:00 UTC Saturday March 16 19:00 UTC Game Servers: Chaos Server Network Coordination via Teamspeak Voice Server mwll.mwmaster.com Signup Here: Come have fun with your friends and units in a fast paced team event. A single elimination bracket with 4-8 teams. Friday is practice night with select bracket matches. Defeat your randomly seed enemy team in a best 3 out of 5 battles on TSA Glory, Helsgate, Vista, Jungle, and ForestValley. Matches will last up to 15 minutes. Matches will take place simultaneously to speed things along. The event is being kept small to focus on speed and quality. A simple tonnage limit applies for all matches. Select battles will feature Clan vs Clan tech and IS vs IS tech. Referees will govern matches with standard accepted “Chaos” league rules. Voice communications are required for organization. Microphones are optional. Teams may use other communications servers after receiving referee instructions. Teams will have up to 5 minutes preparation between fights. Eliminated teams can battle other teams to try for the third place championship. A full 8 team bracket will take about 3 hours to complete. Drop calculators will be available on request. Pilots and teams can sign up in the spreadsheet. Single pilots looking for teams can sign up as mercenaries. Teams are asked to report early to help get organized. Like the idea but find teamwork over rated? Want all the glory for yourself? Stay tuned for Solo Solaris … details soon…
  3. Hello ELH! I am excited to announce this event. I welcome all players to participate. Good idea for translator English/Russian if RDL/ELH play. I hope to see many players! Good luck in ELH activities. -duelist Operation Viper III http://forum.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php/topic,20782.0.html Event Times Friday July 14 19:00 UTC - 23:00 UTC Saturday July 15 16:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC Teamspeak: mwll.mekmaster.com No microphone needed.
  4. Do people fear your name? Think you can take out ten mechs in the arena? Champion yourself a champion? Show off your amazing skills and prove it! Come home mechwarriors! Warm up the engines and knock the rust out. Champions Before Fireworks Friday 1 July – Monday 4 July 4 quarterfinals Friday and Saturday at times designed to maximize worldwide participation Weight class championships either Saturday or Sunday Open class Grand Championship either Sunday or Monday Classes Light Medium Heavy Assault Open Special* Maps SA Alshain SA Coliseum SA Dogfight (flyers only) SA ForsakenV04 SA Glory SA Goldenrocks SA Helsgate SA Jungle SA Vista Format Last Man Standing game mode restricted by weight class. Four quarterfinal qualifying rounds. One semifinal championship for each weight class. One grand championship, open class, finale. 2 practice rounds, 3rd round counts for that weight class. Play light > assault for each of the quarterfinals Top 3 pilots advance from each weight class from each quarterfinal to the semi finals At large bids for championship and open championship if space allows Top 3 pilots from each semi final invited to the Grand Championship Possible freely scheduled matches or mini brackets for specific asset classes. Quarterfinal Times (best guess, final times announced later) Friday 1 July East Europe/Asia Time Friendly Friday 1 July USA Night Saturday 2 July Early Morning Europe Saturday 2 July Primetime Sunday 3 July Semi, Grand Championship? Monday 4 July Grand Championship Servers USA based Huntress Network Open to other servers if we get “donations” in time How to host a server More details later Basically have all of the maps loaded, preferably in a levelrotation Set game mode to Last Man Standing Set money to a lot, at least 200,000 a player Contact duelist with server name, location, and server administrator Administrator need not be around but it would help Voice Comms Optional but I will be on mwll.mwmaster.com teamspeak server during the event. More information coming soon. Main thing is to spread the word right now… TBD Event leader board with total kills and points Qualify regular SA match Freely schedule matches Mini asset-specific classes TBA
  5. Greetings ELH Come play with us soon . Use the method in this video to connect to MWLL: Or this method: http://forum.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php/topic,20534.msg355612.html#msg355612 Chaos March continues every weekend. TTF recently has captured planet Hall and had success defending planets. TTF defends planet Genoa Saturday. TTF attacks planet Jonathan Sunday. We start around 01:00 (20:00 GMT) Moscow time both days. mwll.mwmaster.com teamspeak Chaos March Atlanta gameserver -duelist PS Great fight on new map TC ValleyForge
  6. Chaos March 25 July 20:00 GMT Drop lists are now assembled ahead of time reducing downtime. Recent battle:
  7. Chaos March Wednesday 27 May 07:00-13:00 MSK Saturday 30 May 22:00 MSK Saturday 31 May 22:00 MSK Recent fights
  8. Chaos March resumes 16 May 17 May 67th Battle: Battle for the planet Hall. Last battle of turn 16. Saiph Triumvirate attacks Hall from Elgin. Hall defended by Duchy of Small. 1st map TC_Deathvalley winner: defenders
  9. 66th Battle: Battle for the planet Elgin. Duchy of Small attacks Elgin from Hall. Elgin defended by Saiph Triumvirate. 1st map TC_WarzoneV06 winner: defenders
  10. Next Chaos March 21:00 MSK Saturday 25 April 21:00 MSK Sunday 26 April Eridani Light Horse (ELH) vs Smoke Jaguar (SJ) 105 tons. Fafnir and Daishi banned. No duplicate assets (cannot use 2 Cougar F). Map: TSA Vista winner: ELH Pilots: ELH Dollarovich and ELH Killthemall for ELH. SJ Vic Viper v1 and SJ Duelist for SJ. Mechs: Ryoken B and Shadowcat E for ELH. Ryoken B and Shadowcat G for SJ. http://www.twitch.tv/burner77/b/651379066 (spectate) 60th Battle: Battle for the planet Shipka. Capellan Partisans attack Shipka from Menkib. Map 1-4 See last week post Map 5 TC_Qandahar winner: attacker
  11. 59th Battle: Battle for the planet Genoa. Turn 14. Duchy of Small attacks Genoa from Terra Ferma. Map 3 TSA_Desert winner: attackers
  12. 21:00 MSK Saturday 11 April 21:00 MSK Sunday 12 April Duelist available much earlier. Can start early if 8 players available. 57th Battle: Battle for the planet Shipka. Turn 13. Saiph Triumvirate attack Shipka from Styx. Shipka defended as neutral world. 2nd map TC_Woods winner: defender
  13. 55th Battle: Battle for the planet Shipka. Capellan Partisans attack Shipka from Menkib. Shipka defended as neutral world. 1st map TSA_Glory winner: attackers
  14. 17:00 MSK Saturday 21 March 17:00 MSK Sunday 22 March 51st battle took place Saturday. Sunday battles: 52nd Battle: Battle for the planet Elgin. Saiph Triumvirate attacks Elgin from New Canton. Elgin defended by Duchy of Small. 1st map TSA_Jungle winner: defenders
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