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On behalf of Black Shadow Mercenary Corp, I welcome Eridani Light Horse back to MWLL. :thank_yo:

As Sudibor said, we're going to join a tournament with MWLL.SU and hopefully RDL units.

However, I still have some questions about that.

These are the rules Sudibor gave me:

1 - Repairs are forbidden

2 - No respawns

3 - No ejection

4 - Ammo reload is forbidden

5 - Map turrets must be disabled

6 - Maps will include all custom and official maps which support ToS gamemode

7 - Before starting, every player must be sure to have the decided maps, and that they're working.

8 - Air will be allowed on the maps where Air assets are allowed. [if I understood]

9 - Tournament of the points system.

10 - Asset selection is limited only by C-Bills, not by tons.

11 - No Battle Armors.

12 - No guests in TeamSpeak room while playing.

What do you mean with point 9? I need to know how is based the score system of the tournament.

Damage based? Round based? Match based? That's what I mean :icon_con:

Also, If I understood, we're dropping on Jan 18th and 19th. But I would like to ask if is it possible to drop 17th and 18th instead. So I will be able to play more time :very_cool:

And about asset limitation. Limiting all variants to be used just once in the entire tournament isn't too much?

We could limit asset selection to both rounds. (a Mech/Vehicle variant could be taken once, by a team, for the 2 rounds = 10 games against a team, that's what I mean)

Thank you!

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