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Что мы знаем об Аутриче (Outreach)?

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Тема начата тут : http://www.sldf.1gb.ru/index.php?showtopic=1497 . Теперь аналогично поднимаю вопрос по Аутричу. Могу сказать точно, что по этой системе/планете гораздо больше инфы в Инете. Много чего собрали ребята из РПГ-команды Hound'а (для их игры в РПГ).

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Информация с того же IS Atlas'а ( http://isatlas.teamspam.net/planet-detail.php?planet=6887322 )

System Name: Outreach

Coordinates: -3.13, -34.95

Star Type: K19V

Position in System: 2

Time to Jump Point: 3.00 days

Recharging Station: Zenith, Nadir

ComStar Facility Class: A

Population: 341,220,000

Percentage and Level of Native Life: Fish


Outreach, the so-called Mercenary's World, was first settled during the 22nd century by Terran colonists attracted by the planet's warm climate, large tracts of arable land, and abundant natural resources. During these early years, Outreach became known as an agricultural exporter, but tourism became the mainstay of the planet's economy after the planet began to host the Star League Martial Olympiads in 2704. Following the collapse of the Star League toward the end of the century, however, Outreach's tourism industry quickly died, forcing many inhabitants to emigrate.

In 2786 Outreach came under Capellan Control, and its fortunes continued to decline for almost 200 years. During the Forth Succession War, the Federated Commonwealth captured the planet. Following the cessation of hostilities, Prince Hanse Davion granted Outreach to Wolf's Dragoons, the most famous and formidable mercenary unit in the Inner Sphere. That action heralded a renaissance for the world. Determined to create a home for themselves, the Dragoons immediately began to rebuild Harlech, the decaying capital of Outreach. Within a few years, the Dragoons had transformed Outreach into the center of the mercenary trade for the Inner Sphere.

Today, Outreach remains one of the few worlds of the Chaos March untouched by the bloody conflict raging in the region. Unwilling to pay the high cost of battling the Dragoons' five regiments for control of the planet, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao proclaimed Outreach as an independent barony of the Capellan Confederation. Generally, business has gone on as usual on Outreach. The renowned Hiring Hall, which is operated under the supervision of the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, continues to attract mercenaries and employers. In fact, the instability in the surrounding systems has caused a surge of activity at the hall, as employers from the embattled worlds of the Chaos March come to the city in search of mercenaries. Just as the mercenary trade has benefited from the tensions in the March, so have Outreach's 'Mech and weapon dealers, as well as numerous other industries that support the mercenary trade. However, the troubles in the March have dampened Outreach's tourist industry somewhat.

In addition to Outreach's healthy economy, the competent Dragoon government and the planet's state-of-the-arty defenses have helped make Outreach an oasis of calm in the March. Dragoon commander Jamie Wolf rules the planet with a firm yet fair hand, and the Cyclops I Orbital station enables the Dragoons to closely monitor all incoming DropShips. These two conditions virtually ensure that none of the surrounding unrest will spill onto Outreach.

Outreach contains twin continents, named Romulus and Remus. Romulus contains the planet's capital, Harlech, as well as all its major cities and commercial enterprises. A mountain range known as the Ridge bisects Romulus, and outside of the cities, the continent's countryside turns in small farms and lightly forested hills. Remus, also known as the Outback, is the private hold of Wolf's Dragoons. The mercenary unit maintains a headquarters and training facilities on this arid desert continent. The entire planet enjoys a warm, temperate climate all year round.

[-- Далее: http://isatlas.teamspam.net/planet-detail.php?planet=6887322 --]

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A warm planet, Outreach registers an average temperature of a mean 10 degrees Fahrenheit higher than Terra. Farmers first settled Outreach in 2142, attracted by its mild winters and wide temperate zones.

The Argosyan Sea, covering two-thirds of the planet's surface, surrounds Romulus and Remus, the twin continents that account for 90 percent of the planet's land mass. Except for the narrow equatorial belt and the polar regions, the climate of Outreach is comfortably warm. Most of Outreach's commerce and business takes place in Romulus, affectionately known by its inhabitants as "the World", in and around the capital city of Harlech. Remus, the larger of the two continents, has a harsh landscape. The arid Winddancer plains are fringed by the Montayana mountain ranges, where the native flowering acacia grows..

The planet's temperate climate, proximity to Terra, and wide-open spaces convinced General Joseph Cameron of the Star League to begin holding the final competitions of the Martial Olympiads on Outreach in 2704. Originally conceived as a viable method of keeping the Star League defense forces in fighting shape during peacetime, the Martial Olympiads pitted the finest fighting forces in the Inner Sphere against each other in staged battles designed to test soldiers' mettle without risking lives.

Every four years, the SLDF's best and brightest convened on Outreach for the finals in more than 100 events. The Olympiads made Harlech a boom town. Entrepreneurs built the finest hotels the Inner Sphere had to offer, started up the finest restaurants, and opened profitable branches of family businesses established on Terra hundreds of years before. Outreach became a focus for media attention and a favorite retreat for MechWarriors and fans. Any item, any service, any pleasure could be had for the asking on Outreach.

Unfortunately, the boom lasted less than a century. In 2767, General Kerensky canceled the games so that the SLDF could send its full strength against the usurper Stefan Amaris. The long, hard-fought campaign to liberate Terra from the destroyer of the Star League left neither the time nor the need for games of war.

The collapse of the Star League and the disappearance of the SLDF from the Inner Sphere left the splintered remnants of the League up for grabs. The Capellan Confederation seized Outreach in 2786.

The city of Harlech and its outlying districts cover most of the inhabitable areas of Romulus. Harlech nestles between the Ridge, the mountain range that bisects the continent of Romulus, and Lake Kearny, the largest body of fresh water on the planet. Because few major storm systems cross the mountains, Harlech enjoys enough rain to keep it green, but not enough to make it unpleasant. The average temperature in Harlech is 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius), making the waterfront a popular destination to beat the heat.

Following the end of the Martial Olympiads, the collapse of the Star League, and the subsequent exodus of the Star League Army, Harlech fell on hard times. Mostly ignored by the powerful House Lords, the city and its people kept to themselves for several centuries. Self-sufficient agriculturally, Outreach survived and even prospered, though on a much more modest scale than during the world's glory days. The city of Harlech, however, could no longer support the hotels and services for which it had become famous. The once-glorious stadiums and Olympiad facilities gradually fell into disrepair, and the abandoned Star League equipment and facilities were either cannibalized by the local population or simply decayed from disuse. Within a generation, the jewel of the Inner Sphere had lost its gleam.

Lying on the western edge of Lake Kearny, Harlech expanded to the north and south along the shoreline, and now stretches as far west as the Ridge. The Garrett River, fed by the mountain springs and flowing eastward to the lake, splits Harlech in two.

In the early days of Harlech's expansion, canny developers bought up the most desirable lakefront property. Currently, the neighborhoods of choice climb the eastern section of the Ridge.

Harlech is divided into eight districts: The Business Zone, Inland North, Lakefront North, Lakefront South, the North Sticks, the South Sticks, and the Agro district. The Agro district, which supports most of Outreach's crops, comprises the rest of the region known as the World. Each section has its own local color, and travelers will find a warm welcome anywhere. The Business Zone is a ghost town. The abandoned warehouses of the River North area house nothing but rodents and transients. The few remaining major businesses have relocated to the South Sticks mall, where land and rents come cheap, and the River South area has declined almost beyond redemption. The area is dotted with scruffy watering holes such as Phil's, Joel's, The Den, The Goat's Tavern and the Pilot's Club. Outside the boundaries of Harlech in the Agro district, Outreach's farmers grow the planet's crops. Vast farmlands stretch thousands of kilometers north to encircle Lake Kearny.

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