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Attention! I've deleted almost all of previous builds, so links are inactive now. But I don't think you really need old builds.

And, how I've promised here a new one. While model in work process I could make a lot of other stuff. Today it is weapons. Instead of hardcoded piles of goo, now I have nice abstract class, which can be used to implement almost every weapon I can imagine. Related code of mech class also fixed and cleared, bots learned how to use it. Added simple reload system.

But all this internal stuff, but visual part also here. Gun effects optimised a little bit, but I can't say it looks better. HUD now got weapons indicator, 'cause it can be a little bit hard to understand new number of hiden parameters. And main, but pretty simple feature - firearms now throw empty shells after shots. Nothing special, just low poly 3d model used as particles. But with PBS this shells look nice for me. Hope you enjoy too.

Thats all. See ya next week.

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Today I don't wanna sit still till morning to include as more little details to build as possible, so if you don't want to get almost same demo as week ago don't download this version.

I've continued my work with weapons. Today changes dedicated to all this stuff flying out of weapons' barrels, and explosions this stuff left after. Nothing special, just cleaning up mess I've got and making new beautifull code. Most noticeable change - removing start up procedures from bullet's code, to make spawning while you shoot smoother.

Also, I reviewing visual effects. Still need to draw a lot of stuff, but technical side is there. No more flat bullets in zoom, less particles here and there to improve performance and most interesting new PPC ("plasma", but we all know the truth) effect, which made me to still ideas from other games, especially MWLL. As I've said, particles itself need to be redrawn, but this logic... if I get it right, MWLL have stretched particles with little rotation to make it look like hand made lighting, so I've tried to repeat it. This is how it looks:


Yep, it's my "firing range" to set-up some kind of WYSIWYG editor of visuals.

This is all of good new, and bad one new bugs added. Just to make it not so straight forward.

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Same story as last week. Bunch of fixes and rewriten code, to polish game and catch bugs. But nothing special and interest. SY next week, when I plan to add new weapons' recoil system, fix more bugs and maybe something else...

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New bunch of important and minor changes. Visual effects code done, but I'm obviously gonna paint new particles. As I planned It worked guns recoil. So there not only code changes, but almost new system, to make it looks like gameplay feature, not random power which unpredictable prevents you from targeting.

Plan for next week is sounds, and here I have mysterious problems. Current version of engine slowly turn off my PC audio, and even manual restart of windows audio system doesn't help much. So, testing sound could become little painful, and my next week gonna be full of reboots and swearing. Wish me good luck and patience.



- Further code optimisation of mech class. Instead of using message system, which can work in situations where class of object unclear, now weapon class directly interact with mech class and vice versa. This concerns: targeting, heat, recoil and reload.

- Bullets also interacts with mech directly (target hit info transfer).

- Angle of recoil now constant for movable (arm/turret mounted) weapons. This not only helps to save performance, but makes recoil more consistent and gameplay oriented.

- New recoil math, and recoil system code revision. Don't think it's good idea, to describe end result, so, try it.

- Because zoom reduce mouse sens, additional changes made in recoil control loose system. Basically this system slow down your mouse for a while after shot. So by shooting in zoom, you controls practically stop to react on mouse movements. Now this parameter of control lose also adapts to zoom, and it it same hard to hold gun on target while shooting with and without zoom.

- JumpJets effects fully revised. New code, almost new visual effects, better perfomance, lights added.


- Mesh compression for mech was active since I test it. Now it's finally disabled.

- Reload function slightly optimised.

- Weapons flash not related with reload time anymore. This fixed errors, which may appear in future. Still flash can't lasts longer than time for new shot to come, to not cause overlay glitches.

- AC flash partichles lifetime reduced to make effect sharp.

- Now zoom affects not only mouse sensibility but leg rotation speed too. I'm planning to make this function switchable option.

- Weapon can hurt anymore mech wich it mounted on, if it's not game logic based. IE. You still can shot at your own leg, but projectiles doesn't explode in barrel anymore.

- Step sound volume fixed at last.


- Autogun reload time increased.

- Jump shake amplitude reduced, but speed increased.

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I've planned to make few new sounds, and I failed. But just because new interface if on the way.

First test of new GUI framework was nice, and I liked what I found, despite few really unintuitive moments in this system. So you can see cockpit MFD (multi-function displays) now not only showing funny but static reference based joke, but actually work with updating info. Right now it's only text, but to be honest - text is hardest part. Show/hide, move and rotate pictures much more easier, than modifying text smoothly and without heavy data structures (but it's not actually hard too). I wanted to add few more features, like warning messages painted to other color, but it's already little bit late. So next time.

Most of other work done behind curtains. UI code wasn't modified since it was added more than a year ago, and console data structure was disaster. So, now part of code ready to provide data for new UI, and not only on cockpit screens, but on your screen too. And this is the plan for next week, and I don't forgot about new sounds. Think I'll try to find few minutes for sound too.

And yeah, it's cool story time. Just before building this version I've found four bugs, at first sight looking like new ones, that I've made by tweaking code here and there, so I've fix 'em. But two of this bugs turns to be in game longer than a year, based on long forgoten noobish code I've made.




- Game Engine version updated.

- JumpJet visuals modified.

- Optimisation of cockpit class. Direct interaction with mech, as I did before with weapons.

- New cockpit displays code and framework build around new UI system. Now displaying only console text, but there will be a bunch of info screens in future.

- Including new EMP effect.

- New console, now bound to mech instead of HUD to maintain individual logs, and work properly not only with hud, but with MFDs too.

- Slight radar code optimisation.

- First steps in cockpit optimisation. My target is fully reactive model (calculations made when something else happens) instead of realtime update (calculations made each frame, independently of situation). Currently reworked power and EMP effects for cockpit lights and displays.

- Few changes in user interface colors system. Actually I don't know how it must work, but I don't like how it works now.


- Now there is no "Music volume" slider, 'cause I don't have music. But ambient one, because of ambient sound is coming.

- Radar not anymore reactivating each time, when you enter mech. And no more anoying console message about it.

- Grammar of some system messages fixed.

- EMP effect now cause shaking of weapons' stats on HUD too, as it supposed to do.

- Full power supply now can't be activated without mech's basic energy supply activation.

- Fixed situation when after activation shortcut (F1 button) in tutorial sequence buttons stays highlighted.


- HUD now activated only throught full energy supply.

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No build today, sorry boys and girls. New console and test of old bugs take a bit more time then I expect. And to be honest, I wasn't put much time in development this week. So, two bugfixes and one new feature is not enough for new version.

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Still isn't ready. New UI framework in addition to cool features, like objects rotation and relative positioning, have few cons. Scrolling lines become pain in my ass, and I'm still isn't sure I'm did this stuff right, but it's working. Size of elements now can be not only discrete (like 100 x 150 pixels) but relative too. It's cool when you want your "central window's" height to be half of screen height, but there is no button to keep aspect ratio, to width can be only strict number of pixels or relative to screen width but not height. And there is no callback when you resize game window, so there left only two ways: restrict this resizing process or resize whole stuff in runtime. And bot isn't fun, cause it brings to excessive calculations and relations between code parts.

But, anyway, most hard to achieve parts is here. You can see it on pic, and yep, I forgot to show how nice sliding angle indicators is work now. Yep, date-time isn't here yet (well, blame update), a lot of text parts and radar. Text isn't big deal. But if you ask about radar... Well, it isn't hard now. I still doubting about methods of creation arrays of same objects for dots and such, but rotation, as I said, isn't problem anymore, and with ability to resize and mask stuff, now I don't need to make a lot of calculations. Especially I'm glad about masks, now radar can be in form of rect, circle, triangle or even teapot. Spice it with colors and done.

And yep, about "update". Old UI was a big pile of shit-code, placeholding till this moment. But for now I need to make everything right. I mean reactive paradigm and such. Instead of filling runtime with calculations to render each frame, now this thing only reacts on new data. From other side, it's taking time, and I can't even put this in patch log, 'cause it will be like "I've add thing I've allready add but one more time".

And there a lot thing more. I'm gonna put whole image parts in atlas, rearrange elements, draw new crosshair etc. But, current version a little bit unplayable, so no build today.


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Is it ready? No. But there is pretty cool reason - new version of Unity. And even more, new version of unity with old and new pro features for free.

I've been updating lighting, AI navigation and much more features this week.

But after all, I decide to rebuild UI, and in new version of engine I've get everything I want: relative sizes for elements, callbacks on screen size change etc. So, code for this stuff already there. I only need add few elements, fix AI ('cause it can't work with updated radar, 'cause radar updated for sake of optimisation...) and put build together.

And, I need to express my excitement. All this new tools, wow! It's just best gift I ever get. This stuff is definitely gonna shine, especially 'cause all my previous work, not perfectly, but fit in new paradigms and patterns.

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"Few more test, and it ready to go", I would like to say, but not today. Actually tests passed.

Suddenly I find myself deep in code of radar, while I've just planed to make new targets indication for HUD. Old story: previous HUD code was simple, but executed to damn frequently. Each OnGUI event (few times frequent than actual framerate) simple elements was drawn by command. No command - no element. So with such workflow it was obvious to just go around list of radar targets and draw dots. Think it was the only way. But now I can work with all elements like other objects, so instead of constant create-destroy sequence I need ways to make more precise manipulations, and yep, radar must support this stuff. And as usual I couldn't just slap new code without any optimisations.

Also I've read few guides, and decide to make new death mechanisms which related with radar in first turn. 'Cause if one mech destroyed - signal must be lost without exiting out of radius of another mech's radar.

So, from start at GUI my way finished at opposite part of code. Literally, if look at this like data path: radar -> mech -> controller -> interface. But the tests passed. And I'm glad I could say it. 'Cause usually you get a lot of bugs when cutting out 2/3 of special checks and variables.

Bad side of all this, build still in unplayable state. But, with new version of engine, you get pretty big patch anyway, and such "behind the scene" work is big deal, even if it isn't noticeable.

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It's time for short update.

What is done? Everything! Of Course everything out of current small plan, not whole game.

So, where is new build? Well, I need to fix few bugs before. Nothing special, but I really don't want to rush and work with empty stomach.

When? Tomorrow.

Why it's take so long? 'Cause I'm lazy ass and have a lot of important things to do, like dark souls and world of warships beta.

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Direct link

Here it is. So, patchlog bellow... and thats all for tooday. And yep. There still few broken things.



- Unity5 finally here. Engine version updated.

- Real time global illumination. May hit perfomance, but need to test on wide range of PC-confs.

- New skybox and ambient lighting system.

- Console now can show painted messages.

- Two special console message added to demonstate previous feature: critical damage and critical heat warnings.

- NavMesh rebaked and improved. Now bots potentially less suffer from navigation issues on slopes.

- Reworked mech-controller interaction, now instead of massive excessive checks if mech are controlled by someone (bot/player) or not, mech have additional "empty" controller wich can take data but not doing calculations and sending commands. This may reduce performance and increase memory consumption in situation when you have a lot of unpiloted mechs, it means almost never.

- Mech destruction procedure slightly optimised.

- Mech compas math slightly optimised.

- Lighting cycles system updated to work with new engine version.

- Shadows are back, 'cause now I have cool shadows.

- Mech destruction now is handled by special event, and all systems linked with radar (hud, targeting, etc.) can only have a link to list of targets instead of excessive checking if target destroyed and constantly updating info.

- Massive radar rework. Less memory consumption. Optimised handling of events (target get and loss). Part of targeting functions transferred to radar code. Optimised data paths for targeting info. And I think a lot more, now I couldn't recall everything.

- New side change system. Now with events, instead of excessive checks. Every time pilot entered/exited mech, radar gets side (team number) and broadcast it for each related object in game. First of all it takes less resources, and what much more important now system is clear and free from potential bugs.

- New target acuisition and saving system. Most of improvements made in mech change process, so you can see tartets selected by previous mech owner, each time you entered mech you get fresh targeting info without any radar mode changes etc.

- New weapon indication. Designed to be improved in further updates.

- New radar style. Same as weapons, will be improved in future.

- New heat indication style.

- New tutorial window. Perfectly fits text size. Anyway it must go away in next few builds.

- Finally full new UI system. Most of UI procedures now made in reactive style. This means UI updates only when it gets new info, instead of doing massive amount of calculations each frame.


- Fixed bot target search procedure. Now bots scanning horizon again, instead of looking at skies.

- Last radar changes brings up bug, when radar radius was to small after mech activation, and only manual passive/active mode change helps to see targets. Now it fixed, radar works as intended right after activation of mech.

- Now UI can show limited angle marks not only for legs, but for every moving angle indicator (legs and torso rotation on top line, torso tangage on side lines).

- Now cockpit camera (not just internal camera, but special camera to render cockpit stuff on top of whole other picture) doesn't produce additional flare on ligthing sources. So sun looks same from internal and external points of view.

- Mech's radar and sensors boost now can be activated only with full power supply. If mech run out of power (by any cause) this two devices will be deactivated automatically.

- Slight execution order fixes, to prevent monitors blinking and issues with pointing right buttons inside moving mech.

- Fixed little memory leak in bot's speed acquisition procedure. Seems like same work must be done with half of other data transition routes in game.

- A lot of potential bugs related with targeting and targets' counting fixed.

- Fixed bug when after ejection player can't enter other mechs. Well, I need to point out, that there no other accessible mech on current map, however this bug not going to ruin game if I'll add such mechs.

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New render mode! More new bugs! Well, most of problems can be seen from start. AA is screwed. And it's not big deal to add more rendering components, but player need to have control over it, so more UI elements first. Also reflection probes don't react on lighting anymore, which makes player's mech looks pretty strange in some light conditions.

Test it, maybe you found more.

Is there any pros in this mode? Sure! Terrain not transparent for shadows anymore, and you know all this stuff like industry standards and optimisation... but well, yeah, I'm pretty disappointed 'cause one more time was dived into tech stuff and glitches instead of game-design process.


- Engine version updated.

- HDR enabled.

- Render mode is switched to deffered for world space. But still forward for cockpit. This lead us to next two changes...

- Most of AA now done in FXAA mode. I'll add another modes and settings for this later.

- Cockpit still have MSAA, to make text and pictures on displays look sharp, and long straight lines too (there obviously a lot of such lines in cockpit).

- Footsteps sounds now handled by special event. I really don't want to talk about how it was handled before, 'cause it shameful for me.

- Footsteps sound's parameters modified slightly.

- New footstep sound.

- Engline sound system optimised.

- Slight waypoint system optimisation.

- Tutorial not updated anymore. Instead it became reactive as many other stuff in game. 'Cause tutorial has walls of text, it really helps relax garbage collector. Also few other optimisation were made to increase perfomance in this area.

- Minor changes in tutorial text.


- Fixed bug with strange shadows in cockpit.

- Cockpit import size modified, to remove additional scaling in between game process.

- Game modes can now be selected again.

- Waypoints are back. Bots now start moving instead of just waiting for player at drop zone.

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Starting menu still need 3d art, but code part is done. New UI is almost complete. New options and releted stuff done. Enjoy.


- Engine version updated. Again.

- New GUI for main menu, in-game menu, options.

- New options system with optimised access to audio, colors and controls parameters.

- New color picker, not only 'cause options are new. Now you can hold mouse button and slide over image to select color more precise.

- New save/load procedures for options. Now game can detect not only if somebody deleted settings file, but if file somehow corrupted and fix it with minimal losses.

- Drastically reduced amount of calculations related with options (HUD colors, mouse sens, audio volume).

- New damage direction indicator logic.

- Slight optimisations in controls wrapper.

- Slight optimisations in enter/exit procedures. Still need to rework it completely.

- Alt UI render mode which probably must increase performance.

- New color changing procedure, fixing all color related issues of previous versions.

- A lot of other minor changes in really big amount of procedures.


- Mouse sens formula in zoom fixed. No more zero division error potential.

- Fixed excessive changes of mech side, which previously leads to frequent subscribe/unsubscribe for events procedures.

- Fixed exit procedures in cases when mech already destroyed.

- Few scripts updated to new code style to avoid potential errors.

- Fixed numerous bugs related with damage direction indication.

- Fixed indication of weapon state in cases when player leaves mech and get back to it while weapons reloading.

- Fixed shaking of direction tape.

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Those of you who never launched any of this builds previously may experienced one of most stupid bug I've made: eternal night always when you start a new game. Wait for about six real hours to be able to play isn't most pleasurable thing, so it fixed. Here New link and old ones fixed.

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While everything seems working fine, it's time to throw out new build. And this is main feature: many of old algorithms rewrited and optimised, and it still not crashing in most cases. And all this started when I decide to add new sound options to cockpit buttons.

Yep, next step sounds and few addition to lighting stuff: Less reflections calculations to save processing power, more attention to ambient light to make night look like night and so on.


- Engine version updated. Once more.

- Footstep sound modified, again.

- Few fixes and optimisations made with empty shells.

- New material for empty shells.

- Updated and optimised targeting procedures. But at cost of less precision targeting at radical close range (less than ~7m).

- Enter/Exit procedures remade from scratch.

- New interaction code which combines enter/exit procedures and cockpit interaction together.

- Optimised color workflow for cockpit displays.

- Updated materials for hostile and ally mechs.

- Modified workflow for time, lighting and reflections. Now it much easier to setup all beauty without many attempts to match parameters together.

- Modified reflections to make it look more realistic.

- Tooltip for buttons/mechs now working without excessive updates. Minor perfomance boost.

- Full review of mech's JJ code.

- Full review of mech's speed control. It may become little bit less responsive, but much more optimised.

- Romoved a lot of "send message" states both for player and bot controllers. Such optimisation, much perfomance. Wow!

- All game interfaces added to preload list. This must remove perfomance lost on initialisation.

- Controling methods modified to extensive use of axis mechanics, instead of just waiting for button press. Connected joystics and gamepads may cause ghost input, so just remove it from USB if you encounter such issue.

- Few optimisations around jump jets actions.

- Minor optimisations of mechs' colliders.

- New math of torso rotation. Instead of following head torso now rotates instead of head, and only if there is not enought rotation speed head get additional rotation. This helps prevent epileptic shaking of looking glass frame each time you moving your mouse.

- New math for mouse sens. Top levels increased, deffault levels reduced. Now you can have not only pretty low, but pretty hight sens too.

- Slight optimisation of mouse sens calculations for zoom.

- Slight optimisation of tutorial logic.

- Completly new workflow of mech's systems.

- New logic for cockpit buttons.

- New graphical effects for cockpit lights (looks awfull, but get fix soon).


- Reflections fixed. Player's mech can't reflect light of day in middle of the night anymore.

- Audio volume of cockpit buttons now changed with settings.

- Fixed entangled logic at targetings modes: active or passive mech targeting system, cockpit/combat targeting methods. Now all of this nicely separated and bugless.

- Bot targeting issues fixed.

- Distance indicator now doesn't show correct info if targeting system dissabled.

- Buttons now properly get color in tutorial process.

- Systems now throw activation messages only if activated. Still throw "disabled" messages if you can't activate 'em.

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Direct link



- 64 bit build. Why? For the glory of tests of course! Anyway, is there anybody who still use 32bit PC for gaems?

- Hand icon placement changed a bit to improve button clicking.

- Engine sound placement changed to improve overral sound picture, and especially 3d sound experience.

- Footstep sound spread modified.

- Few component access and other optimisations for guns and bullets.

- A lot of components get improvement for further addition of sounds.

- Sounds added for: autocannon fire and reload (temp), plasma fire and reload, jump jets (temp).

- Ambient sound with reactive volume to indicate player position outside/inside cockpit.

- UI buttons now have selection and activation sounds.

- Almost new code for every movement type in the game.

- As part of previous item in this list, new "wall scratching" mechanics. Now mechs can move near walls, with loss of speed of course and only if angle of contact isn't so bad, but speed isn't going to zero even if you only touching wall with mech's shoulder a little bit.

- New jump jets visuals.


- Radar properly deactivates if full power supply disabled.

- Radar properly count only hostile targets.

- Temp fix for shadows. New terrain material doesn't transparent for self shadowing of 3D objects.

- "Resume" button now fully deactivates menu even if submenus (like options) is active.

- Selected cockpit buttons and switches now highlighted properly.

- Fixed leg sound positioning. Now left leg plays sound when left leg hits ground.

- Buttons properly deselected if instead of moving crosshair player change targeting mode (releasing ctrl button).

- Fixed few bugs related with leaving cockpit before end of the tutorial. Still need to fix some more.

- Grammar fixes for russian part of tutorial.

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Direct link

Minor changes and improvements, but everything working without critical bugs, so why not?


- New load screen, with progress bar n stuff.

- JumpJets sound smoothly reduced on jets deactivation to produce more realistic noise without clicks and glitches.

- Important UI actions like saving and reverting settings, entering combat mode and quiting game now have additional sound.

- Hit effects now parented to collider transform to awoid "hit throught" effect, especially noticible with plasma.

- New plasma hit effect.


- Cockpit's switchers doesn't produce noise on init (when you entering mech) anymore.

- Plasma weapon mount point moved slightly left to avoid of hiting own mech's right arm, when it rotated maximum left.

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Another small update, 'cause most of time I'm practicing in modeling. This time interface sounds for in-game actions.


- New mechanisms for GUI related sounds.

- Sound notification for zoom and selecting target.

- Optional sound notification for target hit. Related option added. It may override your previous prefs file.


- Zoom stuff calculates only if it need to be calculated.

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Most impressive patch I've ever made.


- Engine version updated.

But, not without reason. And reason is most broken engine update since three latest versions. I didn't include in patchlog things that worked well in previous version and still working in current, but get repairs somewhere in between. Same for improvements that made by engine developers not by me.

So. First good news: mouse now give correct position when your monitor's and game's aspect ratio doesn't match. Okay, maybe that was reall issue only for one of you, but still better to move on without this bug.

Now to bad part.

Particles improperly inherit velocity of parent object now. Thats mean empty shells fly everywhere on screen, and sometimes so fast, that makes you wonder: could it make more damage than gun fire itself? So, this feature disabled, after few tryies to find new balance. Now maybe empty shell fall not so beatiful but still looks good enought.

"Color to hex" and "hex to color" methods just cutted out. Reasons? Zero. Not a big deal, could write same methods by myself. But after few such "updates" half of whole engine gonna be writen by me.

Execution order of UI related stuff messed too. UI trying to react on screen resize before it even get initialised. It's like send pregnant women to school and await child learn something new.

And all shaders workflow get some updates. Okey. Maybe I need to update mine, but build-in shaders, that I can't even delete completely, throw piles of errors and warnings right in my face.

In sum:

1. Yep. It's butthurt.

2. If you have time, please test it, despite no real update. I'm pretty sure together we could find more bugs.

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Can't get stuff together right in time to throw out new build, same as can't hold and didn't brag a little bit.

So, here new shader for mechs and other vehicles/characters. Do it's job properly just like previous one, but instead of separate workaround it based on unity5 built-in PB-shader. It means: nice reflections at any time of day (in game time), easily switchable camo and looks more accurate as for me.


And another shader. Once you get locked into a serious shader writing, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. Yep. It's night vision. Can work with zero lighting, have switchable color (gray is default like on one of your AH-64) and can show volume of objects, unlike any analogs.



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Direct link


- Engine version updated.

- Shadows strength now varied by lighting conditions.

- New surface shader for mechs with two layers for base texture and camo (unfortunately no mech actually use it right now, so hope you see it soon).

- Night vision! Press "I" button, to test. Mode available only from first person and activates automatically if game start at dark time.

- Special surface shader property to mark objects as warm for night vision, and temp shader to show it on current mechs.

- Third UI color scheme reserved for night vision mode, and paint elements according to night vision activation.

- Cockpit internal light slightly increased.

- Little optimisation of time presentation in vehicle UI class.


- Time controls in game start menu are back and improved.

- Ambient light intensity transition fixed.

- Cameras activation/deactivation now reads properly by image effects.

- Load screen background now black again (some of version updates broke deffault UI shader).

- Now game looks propper at non-native resolutions both in windowed and fullscreen modes, still window resize may bring up mouse position restrictions.

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